Gala concert

Manger Musikklag med dirigent Allan Withington framfører filmmusikk fra Star Wars; John Williams “Cantina Band”, på World Music Contest 2013 Gallakonsert, i Rodahal – Kerkrade, Nederland.

Manger Musikklag(MML) has been for several years one of the main brass bands in Norway in the city of Manger, municipality of Radøy. The group is in high demand at national and international level thanks to its very wide repertoire and the many awards won in the recent years. Indeed, thanks to their high level of performance, they attract renowned conductors and soloists. MML is now ranked in the world’s top twenty (16th), led by the very inspired Allan Withington flag bearer of the future generation of conductor and driven by an insatiable appetite for innovation and inventiveness. MML has also been organizing its own music event since 2014 : The Brass Wind Festival.

It’s a first to come to Amboise for the Manger Band, but their director Alan Withingon has participated many times in the Amboise French Open. The performances of this Brass Band are always very noticed and we are very happy to welcome Norway for the closing gala which will be a wink since the first time that a Brass band has performed in Amboise… He was Norwegian!