Competitors 2024

Section Championships

Test Piece: HEROES – Bruce Broughton



Formed in 1968, Flowers Band, based in Gloucester, England, was formed as a result of the disbandment of the Royal Gloucester Hussars (Territorial Army) Brass Band. After negotiation with the Ministry of Defence, the instruments were purchased and most of the former R.G.H. bandsmen, together with other local players, formed the City of Gloucester Band. 

The band has held a variety of names via generous sponsorship including Whitbread in the Community, Polysteel, and most famously Flowers Brewery. In 1998 the Flowers brewery closed, but the band kept the name it had become well respected under. Much success has been gained under the ‘Flowers’ name in the contest field where the band has risen rapidly through the brass band divisions to establish itself in the top 10 of the Brass Band World Rankings table.

In 2019, also the last time the band appeared at the French Open, Flowers achieved 5th places at both the British Open and National Finals, as well as 3rd place at Brass in Concert.  In 2022, the band equalled its best ever result at The National Finals, coming 4th and pre-qualifying for 2023.

In 2023, the band has undertaken high profile engagements such as being the first brass band to appear as a ‘featured ensemble’ at Three Choirs Festival, the oldest music festival in the world. In addition to this, the band performed at Badminton Horse Trials and could be heard broadcast on the BBC, and was also the first British brass band to play at the Bourgueil Brass Festival in France, where Flowers delivered masterclasses and the gala concert.


Aeolus Band – Conductor: Benoit Fourreau

Above all, it is a wonderful human story, Professional musicians who decide to share their passion in an amateur group with a breathtaking repertoire. Our orchestra is managed by a non-profit association, which allows small towns, festivals, schools, conservatories to enjoy exceptional concerts! It’s been 20 years since the first independent brass band composed exclusively of professional musicians was born in Paris.

The primary motivation: to practice, share and energize the brass instruments thanks to this unique orchestral formation: the Brass Band. An impressive career: more than 200 concerts in France and abroad, winner of national and international competitions, three recordings, sound and visual participation in television and cinema, thousands of children sensitized to this training during numerous school presentations, etc.

While the first brass band in France appeared nearly 30 years ago, the development of this formation remained confidential. The artistic quality of Æolus, which was quickly recognized at the competition level, but also the choice of a more “symphonic” mode of playing, contrary to the Anglo-Saxon model, attracted the support of a wider audience, but also of many professionals, who had previously been reluctant to traditional aesthetics.

Without denying the richness of 150 years of tradition across the Channel, Æolus brass band claims its right to be different: difference through its playing, its program, through the transversality of its encounters. Because it is by moving towards a different repertoire, open to all influences, (contemporary music, variety, classical), decompartmentalized, that we will be able to get out of an agreed circle, thus touching and convincing a wider audience, an audience conquered by the brass band in a different way!

First Section

Test Piece: ESSAY – Edward Gregson

Second Section

Tet piece: PLANTAGENET – Edward Gregson


ATOURSDEBRASS -Conductor: Stéphane Balzeau

AToursdebrass is the fourth Brass Band of the Indre et Loire!

Stéphane Balzeau, Tuba teacher at the Regional Conservatory of Tours, proposed to create and direct this ensemble on a voluntary basis to allow non-professional musicians, or students at the conservatory, at the music faculty of Tours, or from some music school to be able to practice the Brass Band.

This type of ensemble, which was not offered in the department, was created in November 2016.

The Covid 19 pandemic and the associated lockdown forced us to suspend all collective musical activity, and then to stop completely. This orchestral experience had left a void.

In October 2022, the second attempt to form a Brass Band, with a nice surprise, the staff was full.

Faced with this motivation, we decided to participate in the open de France de Brass Band d’Amboise 2023 in the 3rd division where we obtained a first prize. It was a beautiful and enriching experience.

That’s why we wanted to try the adventure again in 2024!

AToursdebrass “version 2” wants to contribute to the discovery or rediscovery of the Brass Band, to share this varied repertoire, to promote brass and percussion with their good humor!

Third Section

Test piece:A CELTIC SUITE – Philip Sparke


Brass Band de la Vienne – Conductor: Mathias Charton

Created in 2015 by Mathias Currit and Christophe Bourderioux, the Brass Band de la Vienne has brought together confirmed and professional amateur musicians to create this great brass and percussion ensemble.

The ensemble travels through the repertoire dedicated to this original formation, with the aim of introducing the audience to warm music full of power and finesse.

The BBV is part of the departmental level of the Vienne and beyond to develop and promote the musical culture of brass orchestras.

Anxious to seduce all audiences, our group presents a varied repertoire ranging from competition pieces, transcriptions of classical and contemporary music, but also concertos with soloists that allow our young talents to present the full extent of the virtuosity of which these brass and percussion instruments are capable.

Faithful to the annual event of the Amboise International Open, the Vienne Brass Band will be keen to defend the public prize obtained in 2023.

The artistic direction is provided by Mathias Charton.

Fourth / Youth section

Test piece: ANGLIAN DANCES – Alan Fernie


Thurlstone Band – Conductor: Peter Graham

Thurlstone Brass Band is a community band based in a small village near Barnsley in the U.K.

Like most, the band has experienced highs and lows over its 170 years existence – it is recorded as competing in the “British Open” and “Crystal Palace” championships many years ago, however for the past 40 years or so the band has entered fewer competitions and focussed on the community, and player development of all ages.

In 2003, with diminishing player numbers, the band turned to Graham Bates as M.D., whose banding experience and contacts paid dividends, filling those empty chairs.

The formation of a Training Band in 2011 was a major turning point.  Graham’s son (Jonathan) needs no introduction to the brass band world, but these were his first steps into conducting, and within a few years the two bands merged to leave a 30-strong group of friends.

The band honours its commitments every year in the Barnsley area, such as Remembrance Day and Christmas, and now undertakes a European tour every two years, a recent highlight being playing at the last post ceremony at the Menin Gate (Ypres) in 2018.

The year 2024 not only marks the band’s 170th anniversary, but the 21st anniversary of Graham’s stewardship.  “I have been to the French Open nearly every year since 2005, mainly with Lockwood Brass, and with Hammonds in 2023, and it’s always been my dream to bring my community band and friends to enjoy this weekend.  What better way to celebrate our 170th birthday than at this wonderful event!!”


Tours City Musc Conservatory Brass Band – Conductor: David Hubert

The junior Brass Band of the C.R.R. was born in 2009.

It emanates from the impetus given to the Brass band movement in the Region Tourangelle for a number of years: the French Open of Amboise, the support provided by the 37 UDEM for the Organization of training courses and the existence of EXObrass,

Brass band born in the initiative of teachers of the CRR of Tours and the Department.

Made up of students in second cycle and third cycle, it is headed by David HUBERT.

This set which has 1.5 hours each week for work, is part of the collective practices of C.R.R. of TOURS.