Chris JEANS (UK) starts his career in his hometown Yeovil. He quickly knows the success and plays with the greatest British Brass: Sunlife, Desford Colliery, Grimethorpe, Rigid Containers, Ransome, YBS, John Foster and Sons, Black Dyke Mills Band … He plays as a soloist (trombone) at Carnegie Hall New York at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He records several albums as a soloist and as a conductor. Chief of Brass Band Junior Youth Brass 2000, he is 1 ° trombone of the Gus Band. Chris won the UK Trombone Champion title.
Mr. Chris Jeans has just been appointed President of the Jury for the 2017 Open de France in Amboise, following in the footsteps of our prestigious former Presidents, Stuart Broadbent, David Horsfield and Dennis Wilby. Chris has participated in this competition since 1995, when he was created, as a Jury. He is regularly invited to speak at the Sion Music Festival (CH), Brass in Concert (UK), Man Music Festival (Isle of Man) and many festivals across Europe. Brass Computer at the School of Music Leicester’s music, he is also a Trombone teacher and adviser to the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. He has just been nominated “Teacher of the Year” at the Classic FM Music Teacher, and “conductor of the Year 2016” at the 4Bars Rest awards. .


Luc Vertommen was born in Leest (Mechelen – Belgium), where he made his first acquaintance with copper music through the local orchestra. He studied cornet, solfège and piano at the Mechelen and Willebroek Academy of Music. In addition, his musical studies have been successful with a triple diploma – trumpet, history of music and conducting at the “Lemmensinstitute” in Leuven. He also won a first prize for chamber music at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He immersed himself full time in Brass Band’s music world as a teacher of brass instruments, musician, conductor, arranger and composer.

Roger Webster

Roger Webster – Principal Cornet Roger Webster was born in 1960 in Doncaster, England. He was raised in Brierley. His first instrument was the piano, which he started at the age of 6, and four years later he began playing his current instrument, the piston cone. Before becoming a professional musician, he worked in the coal mines and before that as a laboratory technician. However, it was not until 1988 that he turned his hobby into work. That year he was invited to join Black Dyke, one of the world’s largest brass bands, as the lead horn. He stayed here for 5 years before deciding to pursue a solo career. He also played with the CWS Glasgow Band , arguably the best Scottish band. Webster continues to perform with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2000, he was again invited to join the Black Dyke Band. It was during this period that he received a certificate in music at the University of Leeds and then held his certificate of pre-professional teaching in psychology. In December 2005, he joined the Grimethorpe Colliery Band at the invitation of the band leader, the main cornet having left him. In his first competition they beat his former group by one point while winning the prize for best soloist. He is currently a critically acclaimed soloist and orchestra for his playing in Mahler and trumpet in Gregson’s Dream Song. In addition to his career as a performer, Roger conducts research in the field of psychotherapy, focusing on the needs of musicians. He lectures in areas of psychology specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy. He has been particularly involved in the treatment of dystone and musical infancy (yips, dartitis, etc.), as well as the usual performance anxiety problems. His book Websters PPP was praised by the critical around the world. Roger is an endorser of Besson Musical Instruments and has been actively involved in the development of new products since 1988.


Peter Collins

Peter started playing the horn at the age of 7 and quickly joined many youth orchestras, including the famous “Youthbrass 2000”, in which he was named the main horn. He has won honors as a soloist in national and European competitions. He later became Musical Director of this ensemble that has appeared in many places around the world, not to mention the Royal Albert Hall in London. He studied politics, philosophy and law at the University and also won a scholarship at the Royal College of Music in London where he earned a distinction in solo trumpet performance. Peter was principal horn with the “Ransome Brass band” and the “Virtuosi GUS” and also performed with “Brighouse & Rastrick”, “Grimethorpe” and “Black Dyke”. Parallel to his position of soloist he dedicated himself to the teaching, that he carried out at the highest level. Now, Peter continues to promote excellence in music. 

Peter Collins:

Peter Collins will note the audience reaction, the presentation of the sets that includes the performance, as well as the content of the program and the musical quality to give the public prize.