Competitors 2019

Test-piece : ASCENSION (Philip Wilby)


Direction: Paul Holland

In 1998 the Flowers brewery closed, but the band kept the name it had become well respected under. In the same year the band won the Grand Shield which led to its debut appearance at the British Open Championships held at Symphony Hall, Birmingham. This is a feat the band repeated in 2007 & 2014. 2013 saw victory on foreign soil for the first time with victory at the French Open. Held in the picturesque town of Amboise, located in France’s Loire Valley, Flowers repeated this European victory again in 2016. More locally, Flowers holds an unrivalled record at the Yeovil Entertainment Contest, having won on 8 separate occasions, most notably two separate hat-tricks, 2007-2009 and 2012-2014. In September 2014, the band earned arguably it greatest result in coming third at the British Open narrowly missing out to second placed Cory and winners Black Dyke. Flowers have recorded several CDs, A Bouquet from Flowers (1992); Wonders of the World Conducted by Paul Holland, his 8-year tenure from 2009 marks the most successful period in the band’s history. Under his baton, Flowers achieved victories at the Grand Shield, French Open, five victories at Butlins Mineworkers Championships, a hat-trick of wins at Yeovil, six Area titles as well as their highest ever results at the National Championships, British Open and Brass in Concert Championships.


Direction:  Benoit Fourreau

Aeolus Brass Band is above all a great human story, professional musicians who decide to share their passion in training directory amateur stunning, more than fifteen years. A course is impressive: more than 200 concerts in France and abroad, winner of national and international competitions, three records, audio and video participation on television and at the movies, thousands of children sensitized to this training in many school presentations. Aeolus band invests in a process of cultural and educational awareness accessible to the greatest number. The primary motivation: practice, share and energize the brass through this unique Orchestra: the Brass band. While the first brass band in France appeared already nearly 30 years ago, the development of this training remained confidential. Quality artistic Aeolus, quickly recognized at the level of the competition, but also the choice of a more “symphonic” game mode, unlike the anglosaxon model, sparked a wider audience, but also many professionals, membership so far so reluctant to traditional aesthetics. Without denying the richness of the 150 years of tradition across the channel, Aeolus brass band claims its right to the difference: difference by his game, his program, by the transversality of its meetings. Because it is by going to a different directory, open to all influences, (contemporary music, classic variety), open-plan, we can get out of a circle agreed, touching and convincing so a wider audience, an audience conquered by the brass band otherwise!

test-piece: BRASS METAMORPHOSIS (James Curnow)


Direction:  William Houssoy

 The current “Brass Band” taking the strong magnitude in France, the urban community of Henin-Carvin (near Lens) of its concentration of brass could not remain indifferent to this craze. It is in May 2003, under the impetus of the Brass Band Nord-Pas-de-Calais, now the senior France Brass Band and that this whole amateur musicians has emerged. Power and roundness, glare and heat, the Brass Band asset wind poses to start this iconic sound dough of the quest of the anglo-saxon sound. ASSET wind exudes friendliness and cohesion of women and men United in a common breath. The thirty musicians are amateurs in the ‘noble’ sense: they cultivate their art for their pleasure… and yours. 40 members, the association law of 1901 is currently chaired by Pascal Lhonneux. Led by its founder, William Houssoy, cornet soprano of the Brass Band North Pas de Calais and Director of music of Oignies and Libercourt schools, this set is high the colors of the mining area in France and abroad. Moreover, Brass Band asset wind distinguished himself repeatedly competitions in France but also abroad, particularly in England and Belgium. At the Franch Championship which was held in Lille in 2016, the Brass Band ranked first in its category (1st division), winning a first prize with honors.


Direction:  Jérôme Genza

First Brass Band created in France in 1982, at the initiative of Jean-Paul Leroy (Professor of trumpet, soloist of international fame) within the Orléans conservatory, the Brass Band Loire occurs in France for more than 30 years. Composed of 30 musicians from NHS and CNR of the central region, this set of brass and percussion of English tradition has distinguished itself orchestras in the region. One of the greatest satisfaction of the BBVL is certainly, after being alone in our country for a dozen years to be able to be proud of the recent movement ‘Brass Band’ in France (50 training today). Awarded 5 times in the competition for Brass Band of Amboise (1995, 1997, 1998, 2010 and 2014) including a 1 ° Prize in the 1st division in 2010 and a 2nd Prize in division Championships in 2014. They released several CD in 2001 in 2006 “Christmas Evening” and in 2016 “Colours of the Loire”. Jerome GENZA, artistic director and musical of the BBVL: Entered at the cornet in 1987, Jerome GENZA, headed for the BBVL in 1999. Licensed graduates of State of musical training and direction of wind ensemble, he gets in 2003 Professor of art education contest. Fascinated by this training for many years, he arranged, transcribed and composed thirty pieces for the BBVL. He wishes to share this simple musical message for all audiences “a brass band? It is the following equation: 30 = 1. Thirty musicians forming only one voice! ». He is currently Deputy Head of music of the National Police.

Pièce imposée / test-piece : RHAPSODY IN BRASS (Dean Golfin)


Direction:  Mathias Charton

Created in 2015, under the aegis of the CMF86 Federation Vienna and the leadership of Mathias Currit, the Vienna Brass Band allows the meeting of musicians, advanced amateurs and professionals, to form this great set of brass and percussion. The BBV traverses the directory dedicated to this original training. Unique ensemble of the kind in the Department of Vienne, the BBV has worked these first three years travelling across the Department in order to introduce to the public a warm music full of power and finesse. The summer 2018, Mathias Currit, then Director artistic chooses to change careers. The wand is then entrusted to Mathias Charton who agrees to take the direction of the Brass band of Vienna at the beginning of the year. Holder of a master’s degree in musicology and analysis, aggregation of music and the direction of instrumental ensembles diploma, Mathias Charton soon became a committed player in the universe of musical pedagogy and the direction of choir. In addition to its current load of Inspector of Academy – music education regional pedagogical Inspector and choral singing in the Academy of Poitiers, Mathias Charton teaches conducting at the Regional Conservatory of Poitiers. In 2005, he is a founding member of the brewing music association and take the direction, including the Brassage Brass Band, which will become in a few years training recognized throughout France. In May 2008, he is the first french conductor selected to participate in the European Conductor Championship in Stavanger in Norway. Under the leadership of its new Director, the Brass Band of the Vienna committed a new turn by participating in his first contest.


Direction:  Hans Loirs

 Established in 1996, the Brass Band of the country of the Loire (BBPL) is one of the oldest Brass Band French. At its origin, Jean-Claude Baulin, Professor of trumpet at the CRR of Angers, and Eric Grelier, first president, wanted to develop this training of Anglo-Saxon and origin unknown in France, in order to promote the music structured around the family of brass instruments. The BBPL groups of talented instrumentalists, professionals, amateurs and senior students of the RRC in the region. The enthusiasm of his musicians and the human adventure shared through concerts, master classes and competitions, bring to all a communicative dynamic among all audiences. The musical potential of the BBPL is undeniable. This desire to carry even above our ambitions and our projects, through training. For this, we invite regularly, soloists and conductors in the Brass Band world… The BBPL has had the pleasure to perform in concerts with renowned soloists including: Guillaume Cottet Dumoulin, Pascal Clarhaut, the American Horn Quartet, Anthony Galinier. The Brass Band of the Loire Valley is in residence at the cultural center of London on Loire (49).


Direction:  Yves Sauthier

The society of music “The Helvetia” comes from Switzerland specifically Isérables, located in the small alpine valley of the Faraz in Valais common. Our company founded in 1906, currently 55 active members. It is chaired by Mr Grégory Vouillamoz and led by Mr Yves Sauthier.  The company performs regularly at various cultural and religious events in his village. It is intended to cultivate and develop instrumental music. Our training comes in 2nd category Brass Band at different competitions.  By 2016 we participated at the Federal Party of the music to Montreux. The Helvetia is part of association Switzerland of music (ASM) as well as the cantonal Association (CVMA) Valais music. The future of our society is provided by a school of music of 20 students all passionate about music of copper. Many of our musicians also play in different Brass band in the region.


Direction:  Cyril Perrenoud

Founded in1922 by 5 members on 23rd January 1936 the company adheres to the Neuchâtel music association. The future of Lignières band metamorphoses into Brass-Band in 1974.Our set consists only of brass and percussion depending on a type of training, born in England. His repertoire is very varied, composition and arrangements of modern pieces of jazz or varieties. It has about 30 musicians and musicians from varied backgrounds and of all ages. She’s led since April 2016 by Cyril Perrenoud and participates in various events during the year, celebration of music, as well as the Swiss competition for Brass Band in Montreux.


Direction:  Chris Wormald

 Formed 169 years ago in the winter of 1850, Eagley Band from Bolton, near Manchester in north west England, is one of the oldest brass bands in the World. For over 120 years the band was associated with the Eagley Mills in the north of Bolton. However, when the mills closed in the early 1970s, the band’s name changed from Eagley Mills Band to simply Eagley Band, by which it is still known to this day almost half a century later. Thirty years ago, back in 1989, Chris Wormald was appointed Musical Director of Eagley Band for the first time. Chris and the band won their very first North West Area Contest together in Blackpool Winter Gardens in March 1990 to qualify for the National Brass Band Finals of Great Britain in London that year and together they would go on to win eleven major contests over the next nine, highly successful years. Together Chris and the band finished in the top six places at forty two out of the fifty major competitions they entered together. After a gap of nearly twenty years, Chris was delighted to be asked to return as Musical Director of Eagley Band once again in September 2016. Within two contests, Eagley had won its first victory in seventeen years. Now they have recorded two professional CDs with Richard Scott and World of Sound since 2017 and performed many high profile and gala concerts in England, including with the Black Dyke Band and conductor Nicholas Childs in March 2019 at the Victoria Hall in Bolton. The 2019 French Open Brass Band Championships will be the very first time that Eagley Band has crossed over the Channel and it is both honoured and delighted to participate and compete in Amboise for the first time in its 169 years of proud history.


Test-piece : PRELUDE SONG AND DANCE (John Golland)


Direction:  Pascal Piedefer

Océane Brass Band is a large brass orchestra and percussions of 35 musicians, all class of brass (trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion) of the Conservatoire Arthur Honegger of le Havre. Under the direction of Pascal PIEDEFER its creator. He respects the exact nomenclature of the English Brass Band, at the origin of this type of Orchestra. Created in September 2009, it brings together musicians of all ages from 9 to 70 years who work once per week, a rather classical repertoire from original for Brass Band parts and also variety, without forgetting theparts for soloists. In addition to being a valuable teaching tool for classes of brass, this Orchestra is dedicated to animate the city of le Havre (Christmas markets, retirement homes, and charitable concerts with Havre partners), and the surroundings while participating to the festivals of brass as a to Cergy Pontoise, where he was the guest honor of the brass of the Vexin in may 2013. Champion of the Open of Amboise 2016 in the 3rd division and Champion of France of 3rd division to the CMF of Yvetot National Championship in 2014, he worked in master classes with Mathias Charton, Bruce Fraser and Eric Brisse, and regularly accompanies soloists: Florent Lambert, Pierre Grimopont, etc.


Direction:  Andrew Brittin

City Band is part of North London Brass (formed in 2010) a network of bands rehearsing and performing across the capital. The band is made up of amateur players from a variety of backgrounds ranging from bankers to healthcare workers who come together once a week to have fun and improve the standard of our playing. We are a diverse bunch, with ages ranging from 20 up to retired, but our common aim is to promote brass band music locally and get out and perform to the public as often as we are able. Last year saw us give concerts on the bandstands at both Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park, as well as a couple of evening performances for the retired servicemen at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. We are based in St. St. Margaret Pattens, a historic church in London, right at the heart of the City, and our Musical Director is Andrew Brittin, who took over the band in January 2017.

Test-piece : PRELUDE SONG AND DANCE (John Golland)


Direction:  David Hubert

The junior Brass Band of the C.R.R. was born in 2009. It emanates from the impetus given to the Brass band movement in the Region Tourangelle for a number of years: the French Open of Amboise, the support provided by the 37 UDEM for the Organization of training courses and the existence of EXObrass, Brass band born in the initiative of teachers of the CRR of Tours and the Department. Made up of students in second cycle and third cycle, it is headed by David HUBERT. This set which has 1.5 hours each week for work, is part of the collective practices of C.R.R. of TOURS