Flowers head the musical entente cordiale in Amboise as they claim the French Open title

Flowers bask in the sunshine as they enjoy another Amboise victory – Sunday 09 june 2024


Championship Section:

Adjudicators: Chris Jeans (UK); Laurent Douvre (F); Peter Collins (UK)

1. Flowers Band (Paul Holland):                                    119.00/120
2. Aeolus Band (Benoit Fourreau):                                116.00/120

Second Section:

1. A Tours De Brass (Stephane Balzeau):                    114.00/120

Third Section:

1. Brass Band De La Vienne (Mathias Charton):         111.00/120

Fourth Section/Youth Section:

1. Brass Band Du CRR de Tours (David Hubert):        109.00/120
2. Thurlstone Band (Graham Bates): 108.00/120

Overall Best Soloist: Daniel Thomas (euphonium) — Flowers

March Competition:

Adjudicator: Peter Collins

1. Flowers Band (Paul Holland):                                    97/100
2. Aeolus Band (Benoit Fourreau):                                91/100
3. Brass Band de la Vienne (Mathias Charton):        87/100
4. A Tours De Brass (Stephane Balzeau):                    86/100
5. Brass Band du CRR De Tours (David Hubert):     80/100
6. Thurlstone Band (Graham Bates):                            78/100

Entertainment: Public Performance at Parking Tour Heurtault

Adjudicators: Chris Jeans; Laurent Douvre; Peter Collins

Brass Band de la Vienne (Mathias Charton)

Best Soloist: Aurore Prieur (Cornet Aeolus Band)