In accordance with the government’s decision, and in the certainty of one or two renewals of the containment, it is impossible for us to maintain our event on the originally scheduled date.  Most of the foreign ensembles that were to be present have already told us that they are unable to participate in this event, and the French ensembles, even with the hope of better days, are unable to work and prepare for their competition. 

So we are forced to cancel the 26th Brass Bands French Open Festival which was to take place from 29 to 31 May 2020.

We are giving you appointement for our next edition in 2021 which will be held from 4 to 6 June 2021 and we very much hope to find the Bands registered this year as well as other Brass Bands for a big Brass Festival.

Compilation Brass Bands 2004-2005


During the three days of the French Open in Amboise, which became a great musical festival on the Val d’Amboise, yet so serious during the moments of competition, what is not the joy of seeing, when one places ourselves as an observer, so many playful faces, sustained smiles, hearts filled with joy and the desire to do well.

Pure happiness! And no matter where you are, no matter who the person is, and what role they have to play during this event, it’s the same. The volunteer so happy to find the atmosphere of the festival, the musician who discovers Amboise and the contest, the festival-goer who enjoys every moment, the amateur photographer who will look for the best angles, the traders who see their terraces and shops fill up and the organizers of the French Open who, despite the many problems to be solved share this communicative happiness.

But let’s not forget the background that is that of continuing to make this musical movement, now more established in France, that the level of productions is always higher and that the movement continues to develop.

And always in the good mood and envy of the “well done”. We can be sure that the 26th edition in 2020 will be an opportunity to check it out! 

The Board

The Contest 2020

The next French Open will be held end of May: Friday 29th – Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st, the Open beeing on Saturday the 30th.

The Contest 2021

The 2021 French Open will be held in June 2021: Friday 4th – Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th, the Open beeing on Saturday the 5th.