Contest 2020

The next French Open will be held end of May: Friday 29th – Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st, the Open beeing on Saturday the 30th.

Ceremony and draw for the contest

Friday 29th  May 2020 – 6.30pm – Royal Castle of Amboise (free entrance for the competitors). This year will see the return of the Fanfara of the Beraglieris who will offer a Caroussel in the grounds of the Castle to mark the opening of the Festival.

La Fanfara di Bersaglieris (Italy)

 International Brass Band Competition 
Saturday 30th May 2020 – 8.30am – 6.00pm  Beaumarchais Theater

Théatre Beaumarchais

 Music March Competition
Saturday30th May 2020 – 10.00am–12am – Place Michel Debré

Brass Bands Océane ( Le Havre ) in the music March contest 2012.

Outside performances
Saturday 30th May 2020 – 14h00 – 19h00
Place Michel Debré and parking Tour Heurtault

Gala Concert
Saturday 30th May 2020 
21h00 Claude Ménard Hall – Manger Band (NO)

Sunday 31th May 2020 –10.30pm–11.30pm – Place Michel Debré – Caroussel with the Bersaglieris from Magenta (Italy)

The « Nino Garavaglia » band was born in 1984. Nino Garavaglia is named after the Bersagliere and is composed of young Magentins who played in the brass bands of the various regiments of the Italian army during military service. The brass band, composed entirely of brass, is currently made up of thirty musicians. She has participated in institutional events and also in various shows in Italy and abroad. France (including Amboise), Germany, Hungary, Ireland and the United States. This hectic music and the rhythm of the race that slams the feathers on the hats are the characteristis, everywhere we go, excite adults … but also the little ones.

Show Concert
Sunday 31th May 2020 –11.30am–12.30pm – Place Michel Debré – with « AtoursdeBrass » (F)

Conductor: Stéphane Balzeau

The Brass Band French Open takes place in the Loire Valley, so what better than a Brass Band from Touraine for the concert show! So, it will be with us « AToursdeBrass »! In 2017, we did part of the concert show. In 2020, this is our first contest and we are happy to see you at this concert show! Long live music and long live Brass Band!

The 2020 test pieces will be on line late October / early November 2019 as well as the conditions of registration. Already we have the pleasure to introduce the Brass Band invited, who will participate in the contest and give the Saturday, May 30, 2020 Gala concert.