Gala concert 2022


Bearers of an ethic based on the individual’s dedication to the group, emulation, self-sacrifice, disinterestedness and the search for artistic excellence, the musicians of the Paris Brass Band want to be actors in the development of their own whole. In constant search of an innovative repertoire, they also participate in its renewal through numerous creations.
In residence at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Créteil, the PBB is committed on a daily basis to a process of cultural and educational awareness. Educational concerts, interactive commented rehearsals, supervision and tutoring of young musicians, master classes… are all events and opportunities to offer all audiences a didactic and artistic opening of quality.
Bringing together musicians from the greatest French orchestras, students in the process of professionalization and amateur musicians, the Paris Brass Band offers a wide range of original performances from concert-recitals to thematic shows for the greatest pleasure of all. Vice-Champion of Europe in the discipline and six times champion of France, the Paris Brass Band is considered to be the spearhead of the French Brass Band movement. French representative at the European Championships in Oslo 2013, Perth 2014, Freiburg 2015, Lille 2016, Ostend 2017 and Montreux 2019, the PBB has thus acquired national and international renown. The ensemble performs regularly throughout France and abroad during tours throughout Europe (Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy…) and Asia (Taiwan, Korea).

Laurent Douvres began music with choral singing and percussion at the Conservatory of Mâcon, his native city. He continued his training by studying the trumpet, analysis and writing at the Conservatoire de Chalon sur Saône, from which he graduated several times. After a literary baccalaureate specializing in music, he headed for higher education at the University of Lyon II.
Passionate about conducting, in 2012 he founded the Ensemble de Cuivres Rhône-Alpes, with which he won first prize at the Cournon d’Auvergne national competition.
It was in 2011 that he joined the Music of the Republican Guard and his arrival in Paris will allow him to intensify his activities as a conductor.
Since November 2013, he has directed the Orchester d’Harmonie Brassage and continues to present a rich repertoire, and the accession in 2017 to the Honor category of the Confédération Musicale de France. It was in June 2019 that the orchestra obtained the best prize list of the year in the highest division among the French harmonies.
From 2016 to 2020, he led the Brassage Brass Band and participated in the development of this orchestra recognized as one of the five best groups in France.
Appointed Drum-Major of the Music of the Guardians of the Peace in December 2018, Laurent develops with all these ensembles a policy of discographic and cinematographic recordings, participates in numerous concerts, festivals and competitions, regularly crowned with success.
Developing his taste for transmission, he is also responsible for the orchestras at the Bagneux conservatory.
Appointed in September 2020 to the artistic direction of the Paris Brass Band, Laurent Douvre has held the position of Chief of the Brass Band de la Musique de l’Air since the beginning of 2021.